PÁIDIA is a platform that allows collectors, patrons, friends, family, and enthusiasts at all levels to show their support for artists directly. On PÁIDIA you can purchase artwork, buy merchandise, make contributions to directly support an individual artist, or join the PÁIDIA Patron program to show your ongoing support for what we do to help artists thrive.


Our mission is to identify incredible artists who have the passion, drive, and talent to succeed and help them along the way. At each stage of their career, the kind of support they need may change, but we know that every artist can benefit from increased financial and professional support.



PÁIDIA was founded in 2020 by Paul Kotakis, who after working for 14 years as a fundraiser in the arts realized the real impact that any individual, regardless of their level of wealth, can have on the life and the career of an artist. Sometimes even the smallest gestures can lead to something magical.

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Paul Kotakis has spent years running art sale and auctions for various nonprofits and through that work has helped to advance the careers of countless artists and build the collections of many art patrons. As the Director of Development at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Paul oversaw the largest public art sale in New England, working with 700+ artists annually. Whether he is selling a $30,000 object or a $300 object, he approaches each sale by focusing first on the artist and their story. Building a personal connection between a collector and an artist is so important. Paul encourages you not to just buy an object, but to get to know the artist, to encourage them, to support them, and to connect them to your network.