Let's reimagine how the creative industries should work.

PÁIDIA is a platform which allows collectors, patrons, friends, family, and enthusiasts at all levels to show their support for artists directly. Our mission is to identify incredible artists who have the passion, drive, and talent to succeed and help them along the way.

Collecting artwork is a powerful way to express one's personality and style, but buying can also often afford an artist the ability to take their practice to the next level. Show your support for their creative vision through your purchasing today.


PÁIDIA is a platform that is based on the idea that when individuals and organizations take it upon themselves to get to know the artist behind the work then artists can truly thrive and have a deeper impact on their community. 


If you’re hungry for impact and ready to change the way that art is funded then consider making a contribution. You can join the PÁIDIA Patron Program and support the work that we do, or on every artist's page, you will find a link where you can contribute directly to the artist to support and motivate them and ensure their creative freedom.